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Transformational Coaching Reviews

"Catharine Anderson has taught her amazing Transformational Coaching workshops at two of my High Vibe Yoga Immersions in Ubud, Bali. As the director of these immersions, I am accustomed to planning ahead, organizing events and creating space for people to share their skills.

In Catharine's workshop, I realized I was not yet clear on my true priorities—the priorities that act as a golden thread to action and achievement 5-10 years into the future. Since Catharine's workshop, I have achieved goals as a direct result of writing them down as taught in the transformational coaching exercises—outlandish, BIG dream goals. Now, prepared with new tools from Catharine, BIG dreams and goals are becoming my reality.

Thank you, Catharine!

E. Kuser,

Director High Vibe

Truly Catharine is so alive & so very inspiring and I had the greatest fun in her Transformational Coaching workshop & Creative movement class!!..

Catharine passed on to us for a short while this excitement and butterflies which I have each time I think of her & our session.

I looked through my notes recently & immediately I felt those butterflies again.

"What would I like to have achieved in one month?" is what I read & it put me right back on track! Even in the busiest of days I manage to take some time for myself to work toward my goals & do some asanas, a meditation and some dancing. The dancing session with Catharine was so great! Dancing has always been a passion.

I feel really alive and aligned with my dreams! I want to bring Catharine's work to my husband and my daughter now. Catharine knows what she is talking about, loves what she does & is gifted to inspire others so well! Her joie de vivre is contagious!

S. Maduro

Catharine's transformational coaching workshop is truly inspiring, not only because of the helpful tools Catharine provides but also because of her encouraging energy & friendly spirit. I feel empowered with help from her and her workshop I now have faith in my abilities to project my passions into the future & live my life to the fullest.

S. Jonsson

Everyone has questions about how to take the next step The key is figuring out 



What’s going to work for you?

How do you want to do this next chapter?


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