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Somatic Coaching

Supporting people to navigate life in a changing world

​How do you make decisions and move forward with the stress and overwhelm exasperated by our current world climate?


Are you looking for support to make a new step?

When the practical steps seem overwhelming and the path ahead is unclear, a combination of emotional support, action steps, and accountability can get you where you know you want to be!

In this kind of coaching relationship, people find clarity, and emotional resilience, which allows them to lead their lives with greater fulfillment, depth and joy.


Join me for a session and experience the benefits firsthand. 

Catharine is an amazing healer! With the loss of my marriage, my parents and my job within a few short years, I felt I was unraveling and was unable to bounce back from small stresses. My emotions were negative and I was completely stressed out. Catharine's gentle ways of healing my body gave me strength and resilience...her craniosacral work basically "stitched" me back together! She's also a skilled life coach, and is really skilled in helping reframe issues and problems. I am in such good shape both emotionally and psychically, thanks to Catharine!​

- Christine S.

5 star review

Transformational coaching is used by individuals and organizations worldwide to bring about change that can be permanent, self-perpetuating and momentum-building.

The coaching process helps people to find vision and insight in the face of personal and professional challenges.  And provides an opportunity for deep personal growth and transformation.


As your Coach, my goal is to listen and guide you to access the resources and creativity you already possess.


Through questions, instruction, accountability, and an array of tools proven as the gold standard of the coaching profession you broaden the horizons of possibility.

What is standing between you and the life you dream of living?



"I'd like to try but I don't know what to expect. What does a session look like?" 

We meet on Zoom, I ask one or two questions to be sure my clients feel safe and comfortable to share what is important to them, and we begin.


"Do I have to have a Zoom account or a special computer for this?"

No. Zoom is free and you don't need an account to come to a session. When you book you will be sent a Zoom link, which is a video conferencing network. You click on the link and follow their directions to enter the meeting ID or password. 

"Do you work with clients overseas or out of state?"

Yes. The great benefit of working together online is that I can meet with you wherever you are in the world. 


"How is this work different than therapy?"

Like therapy, these sessions involve guidance and support but also emphasize accountability. Coaching supports people to do more than they might on their own. Many healthy people seek the services of both.


"How many sessions do you recommend? And how regularly?"

I recommend 6 sessions, 5-7 days apart. This amount of time, and consistency, gives my clients the foundational support necessary to address, understand, and resolve issues.

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