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A Series of Trainings

Learning to Listen is a series of classes that I created to support beginners and professionals in deepening our connection with ourselves, our communities, and our surroundings. Each module is designed to flow and build on the others. Throughout the training, participants will deepen their understanding of Craniosacral Work, and the deep listening practices of Meditation, Movement, Dance, and Transparent Communication.

Learning to Listen 1

An Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy

​In this 20hr training, for beginners and professionals, you will:

  • Learn the theory and methodology of Craniosacral Therapy

  • Develop your understanding of body energetics and healing touch

  • Practice hands-on methods that balance the central nervous system

  • Take home skills that you can use to support yourself and your loved ones

  • Grow your capacity to listen

March 22-24th: SOLD OUT

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Learning to Listen II

Understanding Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

During this 20hr Training,  you will:

  • Develop your listening skills and energetic awareness

  • Discern levels of healing and your open channels of perception

  • Practice working with the subtle body so that you can sense and support it for yourself and others

  • Recognize the arc of a session or series of sessions to create a healing structure for your client-work

  • Work with the principles of the fluid body, mid-tide, long-tide, and the Breath of Life​

Practitioners will learn how to work with their clients and discover how to integrate this work with the modalities they are already licensed to practice.

April 5-7th: Registration NOW open!

Pre-requisite: Learning to Listen I or equivalent

Learning to Listen 2
Learning to Listen 3

Learning to Listen III

Developing Practitioner Intuition

This class offers students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the principles in Biodynamic Craniosacral & develop their intuitive skills.

During this 20hr training you will:

  • Develop your Subtle Competencies

  • Practice your ability to read energy (name the unseen)

  • Learn skills in the art of listening and healing conversation

  • Discern the arc of a session

Pre-Requisites: Learning to Listen I and II or equivalent

Stay tuned for dates...

Learning to Listen IV

Refining Intuition and the Channels of Perception

This Class introduces the Channels of Perception, which we, as Practitioners, can use to refine our intuition. As we learn how to access the channels & reflect our intuition back to our clients, we harness our perceptive skill and the ability to facilitate healing moments.

In this 20hr Training you will:

  • Discern & develop the 7 Channels of Perception

  • Develop skills in the art of listening

  • Master healing conversation


Stay tuned for dates...

Learning to Listen 4
Learning to Listen 5

Learning to Listen V

Meditation Movement and Touch

Craniosacral Techniques for Unwinding

This is a really fun class that unlocks held patterns in body, mind, and spirit. Through Meditation, Dance and unwinding the fascial system we find new ways to unleash soul and spirit. The class brings skills you can apply to your clients whether you are a Craniosacral Practitioner, Masseuse, Sports Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Dancer or any movement professional

Pre-Req: LLI, LLII or equivalent

Stay tuned for dates...

Learning to Listen VI,

Building Bridges

A Craniosacral Approach to Trauma Integration

The Craniosacral Method holds our health and the effects of trauma as intelligent functions of the whole person. Once we learn to discern these, we can gently facilitate our clients toward trauma integration.

In this class you will:

  • Examine how trauma shows up in the Craniosacral System

  • Explore the healing capacity of the Central Nervous System and what blocks it.

  • Learn about the ways that Craniosacral Therapy addresses this.

  • Examine resources and how we can help build them for ourselves and our clients.


Pre- Reqs: LL I, II, III 1, III2 and IV or equivalent

Stay tuned for dates...

Learning to Listen 6

Learning to Listen - Renew

An Open Retreat to Refresh Your Spirits

We make time to connect to ourselves, and each other. 

Transparent communication, Movement, Meditation, and Contemplation facilitate renewed energy with plenty of space to do what makes you happy

Stay tuned for dates...

Learning to Listen renew
Learning to Listen Nourish

Learning to Listen - Nourish

An Open Retreat to Un-plug and Replenish

This retreat is open to all. Mornings will be spent replenishing our resources through the deep listening practices of

  • Meditation

  • Writing

  • Movement

  • Contemplation and Transparent Communication

Afternoons are free to do as you please, connect, make art, rest, explore the local ocean and forests. We will digest the year gone and replenish ourselves for the year ahead.

Stay tuned for dates...

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