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Do I need previous experience to take a class?


Learning to Listen I is for beginners as well as professionals. You do not need previous experience to benefit from this class. Learning to Listen II and the classes that follow, do require students to have joined Learning to Listen I or an equivalent training at a recognized school, so that students share a similar foundational knowledge. The Retreats do not have any pre-requisite experience.



Will I be qualified to work professionally as a Craniosacral Therapist after this training?


The short answer is no. You are building your foundational knowledge of the modality. These trainings are designed to introduce the principles of Craniosacral Therapy and support participants to incorporate deep listening practices to their lives and careers.



Who can I work with?


Beginners may work with family and friends. Attendees already practicing professionally or with a license to touch may incorporate what is learned here with their clients.



What do I gain by taking the entire series?


The classes build on each other in a form of embodied learning. During Learning to Listen I & II students develop a strong base of understanding to then move into subtle energy awareness, developing intuition, and trauma work. We recommend this path of development to support attendees in gaining the most from the work.

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