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Is it time for a new approach?

Hi, I’m Catharine, Craniosacral therapist and Somatic coach who’s helped thousands of people go from physical, mental, and emotional stress to feeling better than they have in years. 

My private practice is located in Berkeley, California, and I work online with people from all over the world.

From the moment I sat in on a class taught by Catharine, I was drawn to her calm demeanor and playful attitide. With her gentle prompts and nurturing touch, I have been able to work through some deep seated trauma and negative emotional conditioning. In her presence, I always feel safe and heard and always leave feeling energetically lighter. I highly recommend her services and have even sent a few of my clients her way. Thank you Catharine for constantly reassuring me that I am on the right path.
-Barbie S. 
5 star review

Craniosacral Therapy

Have you tried other avenues to relieve your physical, mental, and emotional stress and are ready to reach for alternative methods? 


Craniosacral therapy is a highly attuned path to recover energy, regain balance, and heal from pain and trauma. 


This method assists people struggling with a wide range of health issues including headaches, chronic injury, back & neck pain, and insomnia. I have also had great success supporting people suffering from depression, anxiety, and traumas.

Within just a few sessions, people often report that they are more relaxed, balanced, pain-free, and living their best lives.

Can Craniosacral therapy work for you? 


Craniosacral therapy works brilliantly for a wide variety of conditions, from stress to emotional imbalance, pain, and trauma. The best way to know if it will work for you is to come in for an initial visit. 

Find freedom from pain and stress

5 star review

5 stars doesn't do it justice

I have been in pain for a long time. My neck and shoulders were just killing me even after getting massages from my friends and class mates. I knew there was something much deeper that I needed to look for another type of healing. So I found out Catherine who is a friend is a professional in craniosacral and booked an appointment with her today.


I can tell without hesitation, 5 stars doesn't do it justice. She simply takes you to another dimension.... I am a CMT myself and trained in craniosacral modality, but her intuitive healing hands simply can not be attained through training. She is a master. I highly recommend her.

- K.G.


Somatic Coaching

Somatic coaching is designed to help people who need support in making a change. 

By guiding you to tune into your body, we’ll create freedom and clarity in areas such as overwhelm with making a big life decision, struggles with intimate relationships, and going beyond surface level fixes to create true work/life balance. 

Through this mind body approach, you’ll gain new skills to dispel fears and insecurities so you can reach your goals faster and more boldly than you could on your own. 

If you’ve ever felt like you want something but can’t seem to reach it, somatic coaching can provide the accountability and concrete tools to identify old patterns and quiet inner critics. 

Somatic coaching works especially well for people seeking changes in careers, dating, and relationships. To find out if Somatic Coaching can help, schedule a free consultation. 


Incredible doesn't cover it

5 star review

“I've just had a 1-to-1, online, session with Catharine. Incredible doesn't cover it. I struggle to get in touch with my emotions and it's difficult, for me, to spend time just being. i.e. no book, no music, no nothing, just being with my thoughts. After my second 50 minute session, I felt a huge sense of relief, a calmness, the fear around connecting with emotion is starting to lift. Amazing, Catharine, thank you. I'll definitely be booking further sessions. I can't recommend you highly enough.”

- Rupert


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