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We have been helping people find freedom from stress for over ten years

"During my first session a huge emotional blockage became unstuck and since then I have felt like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. The following session, Catharine left me feeling incredibly calm, reassured and grounded. I only wish she lived closer to me, so that I could have more treatments! She is fantastic

A. Paton

"Catharine is a wise and beautiful soul who speaks from the heart and always in a thoughtful, reflective manner. Sessions with her are insightful, awakening, nurturing, supportive and calming. Her touch is healing and gentle and her approach is genuine, honest, heartfelt and compassionate.

After a session with Catharine I walk away feeling more like my real self and with less energetic baggage from the past. I am lighter, more grounded and clear about my direction forward, aligned with my true path. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking improvement in their health and well-being

B. O'Donahue

"I highly recommend Catharine for craniosacral therapy. Working with her allowed me to release trapped energy in my body and bring awareness around old wounds. This has paved the way for me to work with difficulties in my life in a more balanced and positive way. I feel lighter on my feet and more in tune with my body. Thank you Catharine!

A. Shabahangi

We are passionate about helping people find freedom through the mind-body connection

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"Catharine's sessions are profound. I lead a really busy professional life so it takes alot for me to unwind. Catharine guides me into a deeper levels of relaxation and peace than I can experience on my own. At the same time I feel alive and awake in my body and mind. I feel my own energy moving freely. I feel aligned and connected - free of the noise and stuckness that gets in the way of me tuning in and listening to myself. Ahhhhhhh. "

A. Klaphaak

"Catharine is a powerful healer. I felt her Completely in tune with my body, reading it gently, with ease, and with precision. You know when you experience someone in their element and it's beautiful to witness their grace and skill and be a part of that with them?

This is how I felt when Catharine was working with me.

She is totally in her element with this work. It is clear that she is meant to be doing this in the world. Her ability to tune into what was going on in my body on an emotional, physical, and mental level was remarkable. I was new to craniosacral therapy and I was absolutely floored by her skill and connectedness in my session with her. I felt like no one had ever really listened to my system the way that she did. It was vulnerable for me to be seen so clearly and she held space and helped move energy in my system beautifully.

I would recommend her to anyone looking for craniosacral or simply an experience of depth, connection, and greater understanding of their body. I feel lucky to have met her and been introduced to such a powerful form of bodywork by such an authentic practitioner

L. Kaphaak

“Working with Catharine helped me take the first steps on what promises to be a journey towards a gentle, gradual release from some significant emotional traumas that I have harbored for many years. I was a little skeptical of the likely benefits of exploring craniosacral therapy, I thought it sounded like a pseudo-science. What was certain, was that I had become a somewhat highly functioning ball of emotional stress and anxiety.

Catharine is patient, kind and fully worthy of the kind of deep trust that is required for this profoundly healing therapy to be effective. She has given me the confidence to 'become willing'. Sometimes, that is all it takes. “

J. Duffield

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"Catharine would have to be the most authentic person I know. She listens with such an open compassionate heart. Each session with Catharine leaves me feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. She provides such a safe loving space for whatever needs to be expressed, from anger to blissful love.

I recommend Catharine to anyone who wants to heal past wound or who is feeling stuck in a current situation. Catharine's sessions are a truly unique experience that needs to be experienced by anyone ready to let go and move on.

N. Cook

"Catharine started working on me while I was undergoing chemotherapy for stage 4 cancer. The medical treatments were causing pervasive nerve damage in my right hand, making it difficult for me to operate zippers or buttons, hold a pen, etc. After two treatments with Catharine, I had full feeling through my fingertips. I also learned where some of my body’s trauma and rage were manifesting, which led to me releasing that energy. As part of my overall treatment and lifestyle changes, the Craniosacral sessions with Catharine contributed to my current prognosis of NED (no evidence of disease) within 8 months of diagnosis. Thanks, Catharine!

Rachel Plecas

"Catharine's enormous gift shines through her modest and unassuming demeanor. Having fallen twice on the roads of Bali, I went to her with a twisted, banged-up body and a suspicion that my being was trying to convey a message through these rather violent falls. Through a combination of her craniosacral skills, her intuition, and her gentle, totally accepting presence, I was eased back into a state of wholeness and balance. More profoundly, her touch released a flood of intuitions that proved to be a major turning point in my spiritual path. I consider her to be one of those healing angels who appear from time to time, unexpectedly, when most needed.

M. Moraine

"Catharine's unique ability to create a safe space to dive deep into my body for our session was astounding and immediately apparent.

Her wisdom in navigating the territory of my body, combined with a sense that what was going on inside of me was being heard and met fully, allowed me to fully relax and surrender to the process so that true healing could occur. I was having some intense knee pain which has been gone ever since. After my session, I was left with a greater sense of connection to the fluidity of my own body, which in turn allowed me to flow more easily with the world around me and life in general.

I highly recommend her to anyone looking to feel seen, heard and find themselves in a space to then, in turn, see and hear their own truth.

S. Greene

"Catharine is brilliant!

L. Soebloff,

Founder Craniosacral Asia

"All healing is happening within myself.

The "healer" or session giver is more facilitating or in other words "holding the space" for me while I am on the table and in process.

My perception is that Catharine embodies this -for me very important- quality in her approach to craniosacral therapy. She is very aware of supporting the process by not doing anything but allowing my body to heal at its own pace.

In her ecstatic dance classes, she emphasizes on the fact that the pure movements root in more in the body wisdom than in the structured mind. Having a session with her makes me remember the inner dance of movements which are deep in my body and are not easy to access to in my daily life. In a craniosacral session with Catharine, it feels natural to reach those deep places and heal them.

Why do I have a session with Catharine? Various reasons actually! Emotional entanglements or physical pain, both are energies which are in my body.

A craniosacral session with Catharine is most helpful and a tremendous support. Very often the session is an ignition which changes deep-rooted patterns in my life.

To have a craniosacral therapy session with Catharine does not necessarily need an acute reason. I receive a session simply in order to give myself a time out and to make a general "check up" and fine-tuning. I trust Catharine and fully surrender to her skill as a craniosacral therapist, the healings that happens during my sessions with Catharine are profound."

H. Burtscher

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